The translation is female

While many experts in our country’s economy have been years denouncing the unexplained wage gap between men and women, it seems that things are resistant to change. According to studies carried out by the European Union, the pay gap exceeded 16%, a difference that has nothing to do with the professional preparation of individuals.

In we have wanted to do a small study on the situation of the translator woman in this sense.

We assume that the translation is female. Yes, the world of translation and interpreting is one of the few where women outnumber men. A study conducted among students of translation and interpretation shows that 69 per cent are women. If this figure is compounded the fact that our industry is going against the current offers equal pay between men and women, we can say that in our sector, the issue of gender is not a problem.

This probably depends on the fact that the translator (male or female) is the real Manager of his time.

In this way women do not feel as disadvantaged by discriminatory laws that in many cases forced them to seek reduction in working hours to care for her family. Organize your own time is a tremendous challenge which must be met, but in this sector, women have shown that it can be.